Allied Digital's Infrastructure Services Practice comes with over two decades of experience. Staffed with a strong set of technical and business experts who have helped several organizations across the world enhance and unlock tremendous value from their existing IT infrastructure assets. Increasingly there is the need for Intelligent Infrastructure that easily adapts and responds to your company’s needs. As infrastructure experts, we eliminate the complexity by offering service models, resource skill-sets, ITIL processes and solutions that are well matched to suit our client’s needs.

Our services are specifically designed to help with:

  • Data Center Migration: Data center migration (DCM) entails the relocation of the data center—either a local, regional or national center or the relocation of a company's entire IT operation—to a new and almost always larger facility
  • Conserving Budgets: High energy costs mean that your bills for powering and cooling servers threaten even the most well-planned budgets.
  • Security Threats: Threats from natural disasters to hacker attacks are a constant source of concern. Continuously assessing vulnerability and taking swift corrective action is a tough task
  • Operational Stability: IT infrastructure outages is a major problem , quickly responding to it , identifying issues in a patchwork of hardware , software and operating system becomes a tough task.

Infrastructure Management Services (IMS)


Core IT Systems and applications are a company's lifeblood and because these applications are mission critical to key business processes, it is essential that they are constantly available. The first step in delivering highly available IT systems and applications is monitoring, managing and maintaining the IT infrastructure upon which they reside. Investing in expensive monitoring tools and the technology staff to maintain an organization’s applications and infrastructure 24x7 just isn't cost effective for most enterprises today.

Allied Digital’s IMS provides the right skill-set and tools, key applications and core business processes to help companies protect their infrastructure and prevent expensive downtime without destroying the bottom line.

What We Offer

Our service delivery models are dedicated to ensuring the highest availability of your IT infrastructure and applications. From providing you with secure infrastructure to quality processes, we give your business a competitive edge in the market. To meet the varying needs of different organizations, we adopt a flexible approach to service delivery via on-site, multi-site and off-site engagement models. Our core offerings under IMS include:

The uptime of IT systems is a critical factor in business success today . Organizations struggle with multiple challenges such as:

  • Ensuring minimal breakdown of IT services
  • Finding a single ownership to a service, whether application, server, network or security
  • Managing SLAs
  • Reducing support costs

Allied Digital provides innovative solutions to proactively monitor and manage complete Enterprise Infrastructures and provide a single point of accountability.Standard Service Level Agreements (SLAs) are tuned to meet each client’s specific requirements. Our flexible service delivery model (shared/dedicated and onsite/remote resource) and outcome based pricing help businesses save money without compromising on availability or service quality.

Allied Digital leverages our Integrated Service Delivery Framework (ISDF) to manage all devices seamlessly. We use best-of-breed monitoring tools, auto-ticketing, auto-resolution and other techniques to ensure prompt resolution times and consistent service delivery.

Our ISO 20000: 27001 compliant Network and Security Operations Center (NOC / SOC) act as a single point of contact globally for proactive monitoring and management of a wide array of multi-vendor IT infrastructures , including network, server, storage, end user devices, applications and security devices regardless of location and geography. In a snapshot, we virtually eliminate IT infrastructure downtime while drastically reducing support costs.

What We Offer

Allied Digital's NOC performs 24X7 predictive monitoring and management with hands-on expertise across best-in class technologies to consistently deliver a superior client end user experience. Our NOC incorporates automation, customized and standard tools and ITIL and ISO processes along with our Integrated Service Delivery Framework (ISDF) framework to ensure consistency, agility and quality of service. Our team of highly skilled and certified technical resources and robust knowledge management systems ensures faster incident resolution. Our service portfolio includes:
  • Data Center facility monitoring and management
  • Network monitoring and management
  • Server and Storage monitoring and management
  • Managed Security Services
  • Applications/ERP Monitoring and Management
  • Database Administration Services

Apart from protecting our clients' IT investments that align to their business and yield better efficiency, our services also provide client with an opportunity to plan for better utilization, better scaling against demand and provide valuable analytics on the performance of their IT environment.

Business value

Features Advantages Benefits
Monitoring of current IT systems T Systems are not being utilized to their full capacity, providing available capacity for high demand situations Ability to match utilization to real demand to reduce cost of data center and facilities
Proactive Monitoring and Resolutions Able to pro-actively diagnose more than 96% of potential enterprise network and security issues before they can impact network health by using cutting edge tools, technologies and framework Expedited resolution of issues, or avoiding them altogether The service enables enterprises to achieve better performance and availability across the enterprise.
Real time dynamic and detailed reporting
  • Gain real-time insight into enterprise support demand and corresponding resolution activity
  • Web portal for on-demand reporting
  • Service Level performance including rolling history
  • Custom reporting
  • Common data formats supported for easy manipulation
Full transparency on all infrastructure operational activities.

The Data Center (DC) and Disaster Recovery (DR) environments are critical to organizations today, providing vital access and 24X7 availability of IT systems and applications. Enterprises allocate significant investments in resources and capital to data center and disaster recovery to achieve optimal performance and reliability. Apart from the IT systems, DC and DR environments incorporate numerous mission critical support units that include among them UPSs, ISP links, power and cooling systems and physical security. These units play critical roles as the key foundational elements upon which the uptime of the enterprise IT systems and respective services all rely. Comprehensive and preventive monitoring and management of these systems and Disaster Recovery (DR) environments is a major task for CIOs and IT leaders of every organization.

What We Offer

Allied Digital's DC and DR management services include:

  • Proactive monitoring and management services of all support systems
  • Data center consolidation, migration and automation services
  • Data backup and restoration services and mirroring solutions
  • DR management services
  • Virtualization and Cloud setup services
  • Hosting services
    • Allied Digital's precise DC and DR benchmarking and best practices help you to achieve the maximum ROI (Return on Investment) from your DC and DR environments. Leveraging our ITSM framework, Allied provides service delivery tailored to your specific requirements via on-site and/oroff-site/remote service delivery models

      Business Value

      Some of the key benefits that our DC and DR Management services deliver include:

      • Benefits from consolidation and virtualization
      • Streamlined incident and event-handling processes
      • Increased responsiveness
      • Scalability, flexibility and transparent solutions
      • Low operational costs
      • Reduced cost of ownership

Allied Digital’s Technology Service Desk services are designed to surpass your needs and expectations. We do this by maintaining our commitment to providing consistently effective and timely resolution of end user issues via thorough yet flexible support and servide delivery methodologies.

Our Service Desk services have proven success in providing cost effective, quality SLA-based Service Desk solutions for our customers. Our solution blends a high degree of structured, SLA based service, state of the art tools and highly trained staff into a Single Point of Contact ITIL Based Service Desk.

Our technical service desk, which includes HDI certified service desk engineers, leverages best-of- -breed tools and technologies to consistently deliver maximum First Call Resolution (FCR). Our service desk helps you to increase FCR, improve productivity and lower costs by utilizing smart tools, technologies and processes and improve end user satisfaction.

What We Offer


  • Field Call, Email or Web Incidents
  • Triage / Resolve or Escalate
  • Coordinate handoff with resolving groups
  • Update incidents notes with progress
  • Keep user informed of progress
  • Monitor incident for resolution / push for progress
  • Escalate according to customer requirements
  • Customer Advocate – drive for timely resolution
  • Verify closure with user once resolved
  • Distribute satisfaction survey to user

Business Benefits

  • Flexible Support Model
  • Scalability to support business trends including seasonality, project or application deployment related demand increases/decreases
  • Robust technical expertise; Level 1, 2 & 3
  • Gain real-time insight into enterprise support demand and corresponding resolution activity
  • Web portal for on-demand reporting
  • Service Level performance monitoring and historic including rolling history
  • Increased end user productivity
  • Increased end user productivity

Cloud Services

Focus on business growth with confidence that seasonal workload spikes, or unexpected surges of business activity is being managed by Allied Digital’s enterprise class cloud services.

Optimize computing, storage, software, IT management and operations, and network resources on demand with cloud services. With our efficient “cloud navigation” services and flexible service models, overall IT budget savings and service-levels are guaranteed to improve. Our cloud environment is continually scaled and capacity is managed behind the scenes so you can seamlessly and securely adapt to shifting demands.

  • Cloud Navigation (Implementation and Orchestration)
  • Cloud Navigation (Implementation and Orchestration)
  • Public Cloud – AWS, Azure, Microsoft O365, VMWare and SwitchNAP Cloud
  • Hybrid Cloud
  • Cloud backup and Disaster Recovery
  • Virtual Desktop
  • Help Desk Platform-as-a-Service
  • LANDesk Cloud Management
  • Network and Security Operations Center (NOC/SOC)
  • Compliance Solutions (HIPAA, PCI, SOX)

Our cloud services are founded on innovative and latest technologies from our partner ecosystem – Microsoft, Cisco, EMC, VMWare, IBM, SwitchNAP, LANDesk and Kaseya – to name a few.

Our delivery and data centers successfully undergo certifications such as ISO 20000, ISO 27001, SSAE-16 and Uptime Tier-4 etc.

To explore further on how Allied Digital’s Data Transformation Service can accelerate your company’s business initiatives, please contact us by calling +1-855-858-2375 or emailing us at

Professional Services


Allied Digital is recognized globally across the IT industry for our ability to deliver end-to-end professional services that range from pre-sales consulting to implementation and through and including on-going support. We serve clients needs in all areas of Integration, Application Development and Migration, IT Infrastructure Management and more. We help clients make significant strides towards improving the quality of IT services through the application of recognized best practice frameworks, such as Information Technology Service Management (ITSM) among others.

Our professional consultants bring substantial experience and expertise in a number of areas and disciplines to enable the assessment, analysis, design and development of intelligent enterprise solutions. These consultants are ITSM certified and can assist with the entire lifecycle spectrum from building an initial IT roadmap all the way through implementation and execution. Whether it's short term or long term, mission critical or day-to-day objectives, our IMS Professional Services gives you the ability to acquire the knowledge, resources, skill sets and manpower you require to design, build , implement and ultimately achieve your enterprise IT objectives.

What We Offer

Our team of expert consultants offer focused services tailored to meet your specific business needs, from individual projects to complete outsourcing. We specialize in a wide range of information technologies and can provide resources with substantial subject matter expertise to augment your existing team and extend your capabilities or provide specialized project resources. On a consulting basis, we can also provide specialists in database, networking, security,andERP technologies, among others.

Through these services, Allied Digital provides clients with innovative, process-driven technology solutions to enhance your business systems, thereby enabling clients the opportunity to improve service delivery quality and realize true cost savings in their unique operating environments.

Our professional service offerings include:

  • Data Center design - build and migration.
  • Disaster Recovery Setup Solutions
  • Virtualization Solutions
  • Private Cloud implementations
  • Network Engineering Solutions
  • Unified Communication (voice support, contact center, etc.)

Business Value

Our Professional Services practice provides you with the platform to successfully manage the complex and laborious challenges of finding, recruiting, training and retaining high-quality professionals, thereby allowing you to remain focused on managing the growth of your business.. Our approach, which carefully combines focus with accountability, facilitates and delivers results and realization of true business benefits which are crucial deliverables for our clients.

To this end, we engage early in the change process to capture the details of the desired change outcomes, the risks, the benefits, to accurately identify the technical and business issues and challenges and to help shape and define the right planning decisions to faciliate successful service delivery.. Once the plan and path forward have been jointly agreed upon, we then undertake each project applying a well proven governance model with our cutting edge Integrated Service Delivery Framework (ISDF).

IT Transformation Consulting


Business Transformation has become an essential part of every global organization. However, it is always challenging to smoothly and effectively align the people, the processes and the technology with the new business strategy transformation, especially since technology today typically includes: shared IT service, IT automation, high-availability and data de-duplication. Organizations have successfully leveraged Allied Digital deep IT experience and broad skill-sets to rapidly and effectively achieve successful Business Transformations.

What We Offer

Our engagements always start with High Level Transformation Assessment phase where we gain a solid understanding of our client’s business strategy, key result areas (KRA) and implementation timelines. A Business Process Gap Analysis typically follows which is used to produce Business Process Re-engineering plan. Our engagements can also include:

  • Developing an IT transformation and optimization roadmap and technical architecture
  • Performing readiness assessments
  • Determining infrastructure maturity levels
  • Recommending appropriate capabilities, low hanging fruits
  • Supplementing with the additional skills necessary to smoothly and effectively execute the transformation roadmap.

Business Value

Partnering with Allied Digital provides you with the confidence and assurance required to embark upon a successful transformation journey. With facilitated IT transformation workshop, our clients have instant access to highly experienced and business savvy IT professionals and executives. And it is these workshops that drive rapid ROI, by:

  • Helping to transform IT landscape to enable flexibility and enhance business agility.
  • Quickly incorporating emerging technologies into the existing infrastructure
  • Enhancing IT service delivery quality
  • Lowering costs through shared IT service and automated monitoring.
  • Facilitating the reinvestment of cost savings into IT-enabled innovation

Datacenter Hosting, Migration and Management


Allied Digital's Datacenter Hosting and Management ensures that our clients will enjoy all the service and flexibility of a dedicated datacenter, powered by industry leading hardware and software technologies (i.e. HP, Cisco, Dell, IBM, VMware, etc.), while also deriving all the cost benefits associated with a public cloud.

The infrastructure is strategically hosted in multiple US and India cities and has been designed and configured to exceed the most stringent compliance requirements in the industry.

What We Offer

Every Allied Digital Datacenter Hosting engagement begins with a meticulously planned and carefully executed datacenter migration process to ensure a timely and smooth process that minimize migration disruption to users.

Our datacenter experts can even be called upon to modernize legacy applications that were never designed for today’s modern cloud technologies by either porting or completely rewriting legacy applications.

Continuous Replication that ensures smooth and zero downtime Disaster Recovery is also an essential component of our Data Center Hosting solution.

Our offering includes:

  • Data Center Hosting and Migration
  • Provision of monitoring and support services for all devices within the data center.
  • Hosting facilities, physical security and internet bandwidth.
  • Data management services for backup and restore.
  • Fault-tolerant, secure environment and services to ensure 24x7x365 availability.
  • Dashboard reporting of services to the management as per SLAs
  • Change Management and Governance program and partner relationship.

Business Value

  • Complete hardware related OS, database and implementation as per customer request.
  • Provision of monitoring and support services for all devices within the four walls of data center.
  • Hosting facilities, physical security and internet bandwidth.
  • Data management services for backup and restore.
  • Fault-tolerant, secure environment and services to ensure 24x7x365 availability.
  • Dashboard reporting of services to the management as per SLAs.
  • Change Management and Governance program and partner relationship.

IT Optimization and Modernization


In today’s changing business environment, businesses increasingly rely on their IT infrastructure and support. Companies face demands for new products and services, including global support for operations and integration with business partners, alliances and their customer applications. It is the network, servers, applications; the data center and storage sites that are driving business strategy and success. Streamlining these components is an essential, yet complex task.

Allied Digital’s Infrastructure Optimization & Modernization practice provides the roadmap to achieve greater value and performance for organisations’ IT investments in today’s challenging economic climate. The formation of finely-tuned IT infrastructure requires critical assessment and change – across the organization.

What We Offer

An incremental optimization and modernization approach leading to a service-driven IT architecture can provide flexibility to meet the challenging business needs. These solutions help clients cost effectively and incrementally evolve core IT systems towards modern architectures and technologies, reducing maintenance burden and freeing up more resources to develop new business requirements and capabilities.

Allied Digital’s IT Optimization and Modernization services is a CIO-Assist/Partner service that involves formulating your IT strategy that helps the business handle dynamics as well as get a holistic X-ray of the enterprise and of course, play a catalyst role in business transformation.

Our tailored services include:

  • Enterprise Infrastructure Architecture Consulting Services
  • Cloud Assessment Services
  • Enterprise Infrastructure Planning Services
  • Security Audit and Assessment

With our experienced worldwide staff and professional services consultants, Allied Digital helps implement solutions and support organisations’ staff throughout the entire infrastructure optimisation and modernization process from discovery, analysis, modelling and design to assembly, test, deployment and management.

Business Value

With our innovative and cutting edge expertise, our clients accrue several benefits.

  • Plan right and design right: Our highly experienced consultants will work with your IT and business team to achieve your business goals that may be to have agile IT infrastructure, cost-effective IT setup, compliance needs and roadmap clarity.
  • Optimize system and processes: Help you to optimize your systems and processes to provide global access to corporate data, rapid deployment of new technologies, faster adoption of new business processes and improved global systems performance.
  • Unbolt the core business application components by reusing proven, time-tested applications that can lower risk, reduce costs and speed time to market.
  • Reduce support costs by avoiding duplication of application components and information.
  • Enhance overall technology profile by reducing integration complexity and resolving maintenance hotspots to establish a more agile application portfolio.
  • Flexible reuse and connectivity of core application assets and information across your enterprise
  • Minimize skill silos and areas of isolated development.

DR Hosting Services


Disaster Recovery (DR) is an essential component for all businesses that need to protect their mission and business critical information, applications and data. The problem has been that DR has not traditionally been very cost effective, especially for small to medium sized enterprises. Allied Digital DR Hosting solution was specifically designed to be very comprehensive and highly affordable.

What We Offer

Allied Digital Disaster Recovery (DR) Hosting was designed to be affordable and to provide immediate and comprehensive resolution to any breakdown / disaster with mission and business critical systems.

We provide an entire range of flexible options including cloud based as well as custom DR solutions and services. And in the event of a disaster or technology failure, our process driven services will ensure that users will be able to do productive work almost immediately after a disaster has occurred.

Business Value

  • Real-time replication of data and logs which helps us to monitor and manage customer infrastructure without any interruptions.
  • Recovery Point Objective (RPO) and Recovery Time Objective (RTO) assurance, both of which are continuously monitored.
  • Multiple connectivity options to ensure that all of our sites that constitute the DR Framework always remain functional.
  • High availability of critical data, while less critical is backed-up and restored in an appointed DR site.
  • Accuracy and quality of data routinely tested through frequent restoration drills.

Information Security Surveillance Service (IS3)


Information Security Surveillance Service (IS3) is a managed security monitoring service that combines expert real-time monitoring of multiple, dissimilar security control resources, accurate event detection, dynamic correlation and profiling of security events, comprehensive reporting and incident handling and response to prevent or mitigate unauthorized access or intrusions into your network environment. Our expertise helps you to overcome following challenges:

  • Explosive growth in log data: Enormous amount of vulnerabilities and alert information to process and manage
  • Increased IT complexity: Security products that are put in place today quickly become obsolete if not managed. The constant revelation of new system vulnerabilities and the increasing release of zero-day exploits
  • Diminishing Mean Time to Respond: The shrinkage of time between the discovery of vulnerability and the exploitation of the same is steadily decreasing, which adds to the problem of timely management of the organization’s security posture
  • Changing compliance landscape: A confusing regulatory landscape requires experts focused on understanding the variety of requirements

What We Offer

With Allied Digital’s ISSS your organization will be assured of a higher security posture, better compliance for Sarbanes & Oxley (SOX), Payment Card Industry - Data Security Standard (PCI-DSS), Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) and various other compliance requirements in a cost effective manner.

  • Pre-deployment Rapid Perimeter Scanning (RPS)
  • Defensive countermeasures against hackers
  • Monthly client reports: Impact Analysis, Activity Reports, Compliance Reports
  • Ad-hoc incident report (via email) with incident notification via email
  • Instant access to your network security status via a remote viewer
  • Threat Notification and Alert Service
  • Monthly e-Security Bulletins
  • Optional includes web-integrity module (anti-web-defacement)

Allied Digital’s joint venture with e-Cop brings with it more than 10 years of niche Managed Security Services experience and a network of 7 Security Operations Center worldwide. Our end-to-end Security Services make us your ideal Security Partner.

Business Value

We Manage, Monitor and Respond to Information Security needs of your organization on a real-time basis. Some of our Key Features and Benefits are:

  • Overall Security Posture - Enhances visibility into security issues and provides a comprehensive for monitoring, managing and responding to threats.
  • Business Continuity - Protects mission critical information assets and business operations from downtime due to security intrusions
  • Client Confidence - Safeguards your business reputation and integrity through constant vigilance and the application of leading security management practices and technologies
  • Vendor and Technology Neutral - Maximizes the value of your security investment by complementing and enhancing your existing security systems
  • Compliance - Provides ready access to security data required to meet government regulations and international industry standards.
  • Minimal Investment - Delivers leading-edge information technologies with neither high up-front investments nor additional costs for technology upgrades.

Security Assessment Services


Allied Digital's Security Assessment Services use a combination of standard and internally developed methodologies to provide best in class visibility into our client organization’s risk profile.

What We Offer

  • Security Risk Assessment: Risk assessments provide an objective analysis of the effectiveness of the current security controls that protect an organization's assets. Our approach incorporates many tasks to ensure a complete review of your security controls, including: physical security reviews, policy and procedure review, organizational structure assessment, key personnel interviews, architectural review, configuration review, vulnerability scanning, penetration testing and social engineering.
  • Security Gap Assessment: Our security gap assessment is the comparison between what exists within a corporation and what is required. Typically, gap assessments are associated with specific criteria, e.g., HIPAA Gap Assessment, or ISO 27001 Gap Assessment. These assessments compare the existence of security policies, procedures and mechanisms, against the required security policies, procedures, mechanisms and activities dictated in the HIPAA regulation or in the ISO 27001 guidelines. Allied Digital can perform security gap assessments against any or all-applicable regulations including, HIPAA, GLBA, FERPA, PCI, State Privacy Regulations, Sarbanes-Oxley, FISMA and many others.
  • Security Policy & Procedures Review: Security policies are the basis for a sound security implementation. Based on our experience with security regulations, industry practices and developing and reviewing security procedures for many organizations, Allied Digital has developed a process for reviewing security policies and procedures. This process will include interviews with key personnel and reviews of existing policies and procedures to catalog their existence, determine their clarity and organization, ensure they are approved and distributed and ensure they cover all necessary elements and contain effective controls.
  • Vulnerability Assessment & Penetration Testing: Determine impending risks and secure your network proactively through our Managed Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing Services. We work as your information security partners and help ensure remediation through verification scans. Our range of Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Test Services covers:
    • Web Application Penetration Testing
    • External Vulnerability Assessment
    • Internal Vulnerability Assessment
    • Web Application Load Test
    • Firewall Security Review
    • PCI ASV Scans in association with our partners

Allied Digital’s strong Industry partnership with PCI ASVs and consulting firms also allows us to deliver efficient and practical results as we play the role of internal consultants.

Business Value

Allied Digital Assessment Process
Allied Digital has developed and refined an information security risk assessment process to effectively guide the entire process. This process has been recently documented in The Security Risk Assessment Handbook.
* Effective and efficient security risk assessment project
RIOT Data Gathering
Allied Digital utilizes the RIOT data gathering process to efficiently gather all relevant data for the security risk assessment.

* Complete and accurate data gathering

* Effective data gathering process

Actionable Recommendations
Allied Digital provides clear recommendations to reduce the organization's risk to a reasonable level.
* Management can make clear decisions based on the Allied Digital report

Advisory Services


Allied Digital's Advisory Services provides access to an expert team of experienced risk management professionals that can consult and help develop components of your Information Security Management System program.

We are one of the few organizations in United States to have an ISO/IEC 27001:2005 and 20000-1 certified delivery center which makes us consultant of choice of reputable multinational organizations. We strive to develop a very close relationship with our clients.

What We Offer

Allied Digital take the responsibility of ensuring an adequate Information Security posture through our Security consulting Managed Security Services. Our advisory team will work closely with you on every aspect of Information Security. Some of our key advisory services Include:

  • Virtual CISO: Allied Digital offers a virtual CSO program to provide access to industry-leading security experts. These programs are designed using a modular approach - Allied Digital’s services can be dovetailed into any existing security architecture to provide ongoing security protection and incremental improvement.
  • Security Policy and Procedure Development: Allied Digital’s security policy and procedure development methodology ensures security policies and procedures provide the appropriate governance and guidance and are effectively adopted within an organization. Our security policy and procedure development method includes the following tasks:
    • Review existing security policies and procedures.
    • Review security organization and security responsibility
    • Determine security policy framework
    • Identify internal subject matter experts
    • Develop draft and final versions of security policies and procedures.
  • Business Impact Assessment (BIA): Business Impact Assessment (BIA) helps you in the business continuity planning process, ensuring that senior management allocates resources in the most cost-effective way to balance operational continuity with business needs. BIA methodologies should not only provide a technical assessment of business impacts but also a business justification for disaster recovery and business continuity plans. The goal of this assessment is to help an organization understand their critical business systems and develop business continuity and/or a disaster recover plan that is customized for the organization.
  • Disaster Recovery Planning: DRP helps you to develop a tailored and flexible plan that is easy to use when recovery activities are activated. Specific objectives to achieve this goal include:
    • Define the components of the plan.
    • Select team leaders, members and alternates based upon functional areas who may be involved in the plan development and initial walkthrough of the plan.
    • Develop procedures that address and document the steps for responding to a crisis event, recovering operational capability and resuming critical business functions and eventually restoring all functions to “business as usual”.
    • Ensure important decisions are made and documented in the plan.
    • Review completed plans with senior management to confirm approach and assumptions.
    • Reassess work program and schedule and make necessary adjustments.

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